Tuesday , January 19 2021

Half of the deal is over! Luka Jovic and Barcelona have an appointment

Half of the deal is over! Luka Jovic and Barcelona have an appointment

Kevin Prins Boateng as a temporary solution. In the summer, if it turns out, and if Ernesto Valverde considers it worthwhile, the rest will receive a contract with the intention of spreading Luisa Suareza in the attack of barcelona Only the big Catalans do not think in the short term, but the real plan is several years ahead, and in this vision one of the key names – Luka Jović.

The Spanish conqueror of the double crown for the Serbian national team is not from yesterday. During the fall, when the golf cranes bloomed in the Eintracht shirt, it was said that Blaugrana followed him and waited only for a favorable moment of engagement. In January, a Frankfurt club was not sold for sale, and Barsa did not admit that it was in the middle of the season Harbor It was only a help, but since June … Now it's already a serious story.

So seriously the local Frankfurter algemaniji cajtung ensures that half of the work on the way to engagement is completed. It is okay Luka Jović, through agent, said "yes" to Barcelona, ​​and so it was made the first of two steps to job realization. It is expected, because when such a giant calls you, it is hard to resist, regardless of the recommendation Dragoslav Stepanovic that the "1997" class golfer remains for another season in the Eintracht's black shirt. On the other hand, the Germans will not only miss the opportunity to make money, as it is clear to them that they have money at Camp Camp to track their claims.

The most talked about is 60 million euros. This is the starting price for the sports director Fredi Bobic Stick to the back of the former Red Star star. And if Barsa agrees to pay five times its value because Benfica will pay € 12,000,000 to redeem the contract since Luka Jović ends second season in the Bundesliga as a borrowed player of Lisbon Eagles. Previously, the Catalan media mentioned that Barcelona will start with a bid of 35,000,000 euros and have ample room for negotiations.

There is no time, aside from Barça, Luka Jović is in the scouts of Real Madrid, and Bavaria, where he would re-cooperate with No Kovačem, Napoli, and the news is that he is succeeded by Chelsea. However, Barcelona is a favorite, especially after positive reports from Pepa Segura, previously scattered, and a year ago and after general manager of transfers.

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