Wednesday , June 23 2021

How the Norwegian ambassador persuaded the Serbs to marry NATO

First, Serbs had the opportunity to completely change NATO-U and to always solve all the misconceptions they had about that organization.

The illusion of the Western Alliance, as the citizens of Serbia suffered for years, were finally spread by the ambassador of Norway to Serbia Arne Sanes Bjornstad.

It's easy, it's hard to believe that someone did not remember the magic words that lock up Serbian hearts for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

So much money was spent, organized so many seminars and workshops, so many NGOs were founded, and nobody seemed able to convince the Serbs for the benefit of NATO.

At the NATO week in Belgrade, his Norwegian excellence acknowledged that he wanted to change the opinion and opinion of the Serbian population about the organization in Serbia.

Then he pulled out the key drum:

"We want Serbia to look at NATO in another way, because NATO is not only a military alliance but a set of values ​​like democracy and human rights."

We believe that if such a convincing ambassador's word was conducted an objective research on the popularity of NATO in Serbia, the results would be diametrically opposed this year, which states that 84 percent of the Serbs oppose the state's membership in the West Militarian Alliance.

Because, before the Norwegian ambassador, the Serbs did not know that a well-known humanitarian organization with a set of values ​​was behind it.

Now everything is clear.

We found out that democracy's peak is when a referendum on NATO and EU membership drops in Macedonia, with the change of state name, but then with good democratic methods, parliamentarians call on voting on everything the people were.

Suddenly our eyes are opened and we see that there is no greater defense of human rights than when the youngest member of NATO, Montenegro, on the blacklist of inappropriate copies of the largest living Serbian poet Matija Bećković.

Are there more examples of human rights than shown by NATO Croatia to its citizens, Serbs and their property, religion, their letters …

If there was a greater degree of democracy than a tolerant Kosovo, as all "state-generated" lessons learned from the Western Alliance.

All this happens near Serbia – on the eye. And we got blind again.

Arne Sanes Bjornstad had to come from far and cold Norway to break our sloppy perceptions.

And Serbs are like Serbs.

They believed that NATO was a military force that bombed its country from March 24 to June 10, 1999.

The Serbs in their primitive magnets waited for at least one of the Allied Aids to apologize for the humble country, thousands of killed civilians, cluster bombs that continue to spread cancer across the country.

Serber believed that NATO was aiming to remove Serbia from Russia to deter it and introduce it into an everlasting conflict.

Do not do it!

Fortunately, a Norwegian ambassador appeared to enlighten the Serbs. He gave them a complete catarsis in just one sentence.

Following the argument that the NATO organization working with democracy and human rights, Serbs have nothing to hide and divide.

At the end of his address, Bjørnstad was ready to wish for NATO to be held more often:

"If we can get a" featherweight "in Belgrade twice a year, we can do that," gave us good advice.

It would not be a bad thing for NATO to participate in the cultural and sporting tourist offer in Belgrade, with FEST, Bitef, BEMUS, "Eternal Derby", Book Fair …

And it is ideal that one of the NATO Sunday starts traditionally only on March 24.

To prove that we all have forgotten and forgiven.


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