Wednesday , October 27 2021

"I KNOW ALL" After rolling out a video of Dorotea PLAYED BALLS, Brendon presented a SHOCKING HARD


Dorotea JovanovićPhoto: RAS Serbia

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After arriving in front of the house, Dorotea Jovanović and Branislav Radonić Brendon could not calm down the passions and the violent insults continued in front of the roommates.

Photo: screenshot

Unnamed: Dorotea and Brendon argued as they walked through the living room and the insults sent to each other, many left in shock.

– A little psychopath. Brendi does not run away from me, Dorotea said.

– Go home for money. You are an aggressive bitch that is for the money. I know everything, "said Brendon.

Later, Dorotea moved to Brendon's bed, and then the employee acknowledged that she had some of her video films.

Photo: screenshot

Then there were hard curse and insults, while the people in shock looked at them. Brendon claimed that Dorotea would cry when she saw everything until she ceased with her insults.

How Dorotea looked in the veil and covered with a grille around the bar in the capital, look at the gallery.

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