Friday , May 14 2021

In Vršac's territory with diabetes, there are 5000 citizens, organized health bazaar

A large number of Uljman, as well as the inhabitants of the surrounding cities, took advantage of the possibility of controlling their health. Internal studies, blood pressure measurements, blood sugar levels, anthropometric and HB01C measurements, as well as dental tests and advisory interviews were conducted.

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In Vršac and inhabited places there are about 5,000 citizens living with diabetes, and 162 newborns were registered in the previous year. Early diagnosis and treatment are the key to preventing complications and achieving better results, and such actions are organized precisely with this goal.

"The response is satisfactory so far, we had four cases of elevated glycemic control, and these people have not checked so far, not measured sugar, so we already refer them to the chosen doctor and further analyzes should be done," said Dr. Rhyn Dusanov, spec. hygiene and nutrition of healthy and sick DZ Vršac.

The World Diabetes Day was celebrated this year under the slogan "Diabetes Affects the Family", to highlight the need for preventive measures in people who have diabetes predispositions.

"In the case of diabetes, we can prevent certain things – this is a diet that is very important, regular physical activity, smoking cessation and a reduction of cholesterol, that is, an increase in HDL with good cholesterol and a decrease in LDL-low cholesterol as well as triglycerides, "explains doctor Dušanov.

At this time, locals who showed elevated values ​​or the risk of developing diabetes, including sugars, received so that they could sometimes control and monitor their condition.

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