Sunday , May 9 2021

It's noisy, move: Milan follows Milan

It's noisy, move: Milan follows Milan

A good voice is heard very well, and in the case Milana Pavkova A goal against Liverpool are those who launched him to a soccer field. It's no secret that the striker red and white have intensified football in Europe with a brilliant game against the Enfild team, and the first giant who is interested in his services has already appeared.

It's just about a little spark that may blow up in the coming days, about Turin's writing Tuttosport.

The famous Italian newspaper was drafted by a special about tomorrow's edition Milan Pavkov, in which he will present an attacking discovery during the autumn of the Champions League, and in a part of this text, the authors say that Vojvodina has already drawn attention to several giants, including the famous Milan.

But Tuttosport does not provide more accurate information about Rosewood's interest, but just transmits speculation so it's still waiting to see how real the truth is in this information, because this magazine is more known for information related to Juventus than its rivals.

Otherwise, the Torino magazine is in preparation for material for the story of Pavkov helped a journalist SOS channel Nebojša Petrović, who first met the Serbian public with information via his Twitter account tonight Tuttosport.

photo: MN-Press

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