Friday , April 23 2021 / RS / Lidl does not come to Montenegro

"At the moment we are focusing on further development in Serbia after the successful opening in mid-October. At the moment we are not planning to expand to the Montenegrin market," the agency Mina-business representatives Lidl announced.

Lidl has 19 stores in 14 cities in Serbia.

In October, the company opened the 16 first stores in 12 Serbian cities, and last three in Belgrade, Krusevac and Pancevo.

In these stores, only one of the Lidl brands can be purchased, including those of Fin Carre, which include the best-selling Lidl's milk chocolate, Sondey confectionery products, baby food Lupila, cosmetics Cien and hemi chemistry W5.

Lidl has more than 90 stores in Croatia with regard to the countries of the region. The door of the first 13 customer purchasers opened in 2006.

The retail chain Lidl is part of the Schwarz Group, headquartered in Nekarsulma, Germany.

The first Lidl store opened in Ludwigshafen in 1973, and in the late 1980s there were over 600 in western Germany only.

A large new market opens in 1989, with the fall of Berlin Wall, when Lidl begins expanding to the eastern part of the country.

Lidl is currently in 29 countries in Europe and the United States (USA), and its network has more than 10.5 million modern discounts and employs approximately 260,000 people.

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