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STARS Awaiting Morning: It is necessary to establish control basketball

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November 17, 2018 11:11 |

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Tomic: Defeat from Monaco is not a case but a bad game

Following a convincing defeat against Monaco in Eurocup, the first in the home team are expecting this season, Crvena Zvezda today in Squad in the 8th round of the ABA League (19.00). The team in Milan Tomic's coach needs a triumph over the final season's final player to show that the two bad matches in the European competition are a transient weakness.

– The first defeat took place at home. We said this season will be an increase and a fall, although I can not say it was a case, says Tomic. "It was a bad game. Someone will say that Ulm was bad, but after that we played better against Olimpija. It is now necessary to establish control. The sailor comes in good mood after the victory over Turin in Eurocup, but it is up to us to score a good, solid game.

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With the tactile "run and shoot" team from Bar, with the arrival of Landing Sane and former best goalkeeper by Euroleague, Bobby Braun, got two pairs of hands-like machines to beat the ball.

"That's why specific matches, because the opponent can beat a good defense. What do you say to a player? If someone hit his hand five times he will not beat all five shots. And if he lets three when he's alone, then the two balls come in his hands. Therefore, we must be aggressive from the first second and also reduce the number of lost balls and we have 17 goals per game in Eurocup – explains Tomić.

The duel with Mornar will skip Aleksa Radanov due to problems with his back and Dejan Davidovac, who injured the hock in the match with Monaco.

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