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Stefanovic is just for Savamala, not for doctorate-society


If the judges are valid, the police minister can collect 450,000 dinars from allegations against two media

If the court's final decision goes to the police minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, he may be richer for 450,000 dinars on the basis of two legal cases against the media.

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The violation of the ministerial reputation and glory could cost 300,000 dinars, while his bank account will be higher for 150,000 Dinars if they are against Vesna Pesic and Peščanika final.

The Supreme Court last week abolished the verdict that NIN did not violate the honor of the police minister and sent the case to a new trial. We remind you that the High Court in Belgrade is the author of the text "Stefanovic: Chief Boy Savamala" Sandru Petrusic, Chief Editor Milan Ćulibrka and "NIN" d.o.o. primarily obliged to pay to minister Stefanovic 300,000 dinars for compensation for damage due to violations of honor and reputation. The appeal court changed this decision and obliged Stefanovic to pay RSD 89,700 for the costs of the proceedings to Sandra Petrusic and Milan Ćulibrka, however, the Supreme Court has abolished the decision.

The chamber of law in Belgrade confirmed yesterday the High Court judgment, where the sociologist Vesna Pesic and the editor of the portal Pescanik Svetlana Lukic and Svetlana Vukovic, as well as in the case of NIN, violated Minister Stefanovic's honor and reputation and ordered the court to pay him 150 000 dinars. The judgment states that those parts of the text Vesna Pešić "Desolation" published in Peščanika do not contribute to the public discussion of the events in Savamala and are not aimed at solving the problem without offending dignity, reputation and honor because the prosecutor is characterized as someone who is "stupid" whose "stupidity" is unmatched.

"In my satirical text, I have definitely not thought of Stefanovic's personality, but his function. When I said it turned out to be "stupid" I did not mean in my life but as a minister. On the contrary, I pointed out his explanation that the police could not react because of the fact that during the collapse of Savamali, the cables could be turned off, Vesna Pesic told Danas after a decision by the High Court in August this year.

Following a decision by the Supreme Court of Cassation, NIN's editor-in-chief, Milan elder Danas, said that the matter would probably be before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Interestingly Stefanovic sued the media and journalists exclusively for Savamala, and he did not leave any trial for articles dealing with his doctoral dissertation.

Attention was drawn to this by the former judge of the Supreme Court of Serbia, Zoran Ivošević, who wrote the text "Legal non-existent doctoral dissertation" in connection with doctorate Stefanović.

– He did not match me because I wrote the truth. But journalists can also use stylistic figures, as NIN wrote to the minister that he was "a boyfriend." This is journalistically expressed freedom, emphasizes Ivošević. He adds that everyone has the right to feel insulted and to file a trial for this and even the minister but emphasizes that both international and national legislation provides that this right is substantially reduced by the holders of public functions that are required to handle the critical issue .

"If we look at the public discourse in Serbia, have every reason to sue everyone. You just see how Serbia's president addresses political opponents. These are insults that should be correct. The first would have to pay attention to a dictionary that contains a series of labeling, not only at the expense of political opponents, but also journalists – says Ivošević. He recalls that Vucic used the term "complete idiots" in the case of Savamala, which is a serious crime, and therefore no one sued him. He does not need to talk about the tabloid dictionary.

Radomir Lazovic from the initiative We do not let Belgrade appreciate for Danas that Nebojsa Stefanovic is undoubtedly the main organizer of the demolition of the demolition in Hercegovacka street.

"Only the cover, the fact that the police did not respond to the citizens' conversation that no investigation was made did not investigate witnesses who publicly said they knew that the city's peak was involved in demolition and that it was allowed to clear the terrain just demolition of buildings – Lazovic points out. He adds that despite the fact that the police did their best to not handle the case, we also learned from their reports that various city services were involved in everything.

– Street lighting was closed and EDB confirmed that the city was "crossbound" to interrupt the electricity in that part of the city, while the parking service removed cars that disturbed the demolition and JP Gradska čistina did not clean the street that night. Not to mention that the excavators from Belgrade's construction site were already half a mile from the event – says Lazovic. He added that in the citizens 'protection report was already established that the police's failure was ordered from its peak and that the meetings of the citizens' conversation were removed. Our interviewer concludes that the obvious responsibility for Minister Stefanovic is the result.

Lazovic: The minister scares journalists

"Responsibility for organizing and planning, as well as the implementation and coverage of the demolition in Herzegovina is so obvious that Stefanovic needs, when he can not hide the facts, scaring everybody who could possibly handle his debt," said Radomir Lazovic.

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