Sunday , February 28 2021

The largest Serbian flag was performed at the airport in Belgrade

"As the gateway to Belgrade and Serbia, the airport went state-owned to revive the flagcult, and as you can see the flag is impressive, 72 square meters in size on a mast, 25 meters high," said Senka Jelenkovic, the airport manager.

The flag is 12 times six meters long.

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Flags of the same size, on masts of 25 meters, were constructed today at three locations at the airport: near the airport – across the airport's airport control tower, then across the warehouse and near the track.

In the future, they will welcome visitors and delegations from all directions as they approach the airport.

At the airport, the flag, in the presence of the media, was built by six top employees at the airport "Nikola Tesla".

"The airport continuously invests in its operations and improves passenger comfort and service quality. Over the last five years, we invested more than EUR 70 million in modernizing the airport, in the development of infrastructure and technology," said Jelenkovic.

He adds that, in cooperation with airlines, the airline has developed a network of destinations for which Belgrade is connected to the world, which for several years has increased air traffic growth in Belgrade.

"As a company that appreciates employees, we have chosen six colleagues who have been selected as very valuable and outstanding members of our team to participate in this festive event and raise the Serbian flag."

Domestic companies have participated in the construction of three masters, each with three tons of steel.

Worker Ljubica Nikolic, passenger and baggage registration coordinator, says she is honored to have participated in raising the flag at the airport.

"I'm glad my bosses have seen my efforts for all these 30 years of my work at the airport."

Worker Ivan Randjelovic also points out that he is very proud that his colleagues have chosen to participate in the flag raising at the airport.

"I hope everyone who comes to the airport will get a good service and transfer later positive impressions," he said.

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