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The sisters Marjanovic did not survive, the most sustainable in the villa! (PHOTO) • HAPPYTV.RS


Unexpected obrt! They were not reserved: The sisters Marjanovic did not survive, the villa was the most sustainable in the villa! (PHOTO)

Long-awaited entry of five members Marjanović family in the villa "couple"Caused unbelievable public reactions.

Everybody wondered who they are Marijanovic, what is the reason for their entry, and whether they will face the sea by experienced rivals of the players.

At the gates of the magnificent villa appeared Aleksandra, Anđelina, Ksenija. Teodora and their mother Nadica, who immediately admitted that their feelings were mixed after entering the most popular villa.

The elders, Aleksandra and Anđelija did not hesitate to quickly adjust and that the atmosphere was very popular with the other participants, but only the adult blues and their mother Nadica wanted to leave the show this evening:

– And that was too much. Every glory for all, but we want to go out – they said they greeted two older sisters and walked toward the door.

However, the production decided to open the door of a magnificent villa and leave three members of the family Marjanovic out.
Photo: Archive

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