Sunday , January 24 2021

Three cases of influenza in Vranje confirmed


Three cases of influenza have been confirmed in Vranje and nine patients with severe clinical picture have been admitted to the Infective Department of Health Center, Dr. Ljiljana Antić, Director of the Health Center in Vranje.

"The five swabs were sent to" Torlak ", with four swabs not confirmed by the H1N1 virus for the so-called" swine flu. "We had four patients with severe complications, one being transported to the military hospital in Nis and three to the Infective Clinic at the Clinic Center in that town, Dr. Antić says.

Director of the Health Center, dr. Jadranka ajanović, emphasizes that the number of patients with respiratory infections from the youngest to the elderly has increased in Vranje Health Center. "The pre-school dispensary has increased the number of patients with respiratory infections, but we had no case of suspected flu. There were four children with a serious clinical picture in the school dispenser. They are under control, but it is not about the flu. Medicine we have 232 weight patients with diagnosis of acute bronchitis and more patients with pneumonia, "says Dr. Ajanovic. She adds that the condition of these patients is stable. Due to the increased number of respiratory infections, visits to patients in all departments of the General Hospital in Vranje have been banned since last week.

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