Saturday , May 15 2021

UEFA responded, then FSS! Under the game's magic on "Karadjordje"!

Big dust rose on Friday due to the event on
the first game in Serbia's Super League of the 16th Series of Proleter and
Radnicki from Nis played at the arena "Karadjordje" in Novo

Radnički's match got 2: 1 after turning in the other
for half time thanks to the defender of the home team team Zaria
Lambulic, who for two minutes hid a penalty and scored

"Blic" writes yes
UEFA responded to the game in Novi Sad, and yes
on the intervention of European Football and FS Serbia began

The Ethics Committee of the Football Association in Serbia claimed it was launched
procedure for the game in Proleter – Radnički Nis game, a
The final decision on this procedure should be
revealed at the end of the week.

The mentioned body that works within the Serbian football house is made up of
Investigation Department and Decision Department. Svetislav
Djurovic and Zagorka Uskokovic are responsible for the investigation and decisions
brought by Petar Petrovic, Nikola Nikodijevic and Nebojsa Tulic.

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