Monday , June 21 2021

5,000 police officers deployed to protect land and sea during the Asia Summit, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE -Singapore Police Force (SPF) uses 5,000 officers to provide land and maritime security ahead of the five-day Asian Summit that started on Saturday (November 10).

The 33st Topical Summit and related meetings take place at the Suntec Singapore Convention Center and SPF's Director of Operations. How Kwang Hwee said that security arrangements require a multi-agency effort.

"The police are in charge of security and we are supported by other security agencies from the homeland departments, the Singapore Armed Forces and the police force," said Senior Assistant Commissioner How.

The summit will host 22 leaders and their delegations from around the world, including Russia's President Vladimir Putin, who visits Singapore for the first time.

The area around the summit has been declared as an enhanced security-specific event area and will see strict security controls and actions. Across the island, security will also be intensified, especially in places of high human traffic.

Commander of Central Police Division, Deputy Deputy Commissioner Gregory Tan – Responsible for Security at the Summit – said deployment is unique because it takes place in the middle of the city.

"Each deployment is different, it is based on the terrain, the agenda and the participants," he said. "So we had to calibrate to ensure that security is up to standard and we do not take unnecessary risks, but at the same time ensure that people can go about their daily business and that business flow within the central business district is not disturbed."

Several roads – including parts of Temasek Boulevard and Temasek Avenue, and lanes on Raffles Avenue, Raffles Boulevard and Nicoll Highway – close gradually from Sunday and remain closed until Friday to facilitate security arrangements.

DAC Tan said that safety preparations were also involved in collaboration with Suntec Singapore.

Daniel Ang, senior executive of the Suntec Singapore Convention Center, said: "Suntec Singapore had many discussions and tactical tabletops with the police and other authorities to implement respective measures for seamless delivery and operation of the entire event."

This has resulted in increased security measures and fire evacuation procedures as well as training and information to staff, allowing Ang.

At the same time, the Police Coast Guard (PCG) is conducting activities to improve the security of the Summit. Police's Marina Reservoir Patrol Boats will plunge the water around Marina Barrage, Singapore River and Kallang Basin during the summit.

These boats are usually used during parliamentary meetings and major events such as the National Day Parade.

More than 300 cameras were installed across Singapore's coast in July last year as part of PCG's Coastal Surveillance System.

The flight of drones in the enhanced security-specific event area has also been banned during the summit.

Wreckers can be arrested, fined up to 20,000 dollars and imprisoned for up to one year.

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