Monday , October 18 2021

Humanity continues to evolve | Bobr Times


Человечество продолжает эволюционировать

Modern medicine and other interventions in the body and the human body do not affect the natural processes of evolution.

Professor of Evolutionary Genetics Laurence HART claims that human development not only ceases, but continues at greater speed.

Evolution is based on gradual change of DNA with generational changes. The researcher claims that the study of DNA from modern man shows the facts that I continue to develop.

People not only adapt psychologically and physically to modern conditions. For example, vaccination has made the immune system of a group of people immune to certain diseases. After a few generations, they will provide natural immunity to infection to their offspring.

According to the researcher, such changes and other mutations of DNA driven by natural selection forward and in time, humanity will be able to adapt to conditions that are now considered harmful. With natural selection only 8% of the human genome affects.

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