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Liverpool news: Dejan Lovren fools Sergio Ramos and calls him a "p ****" after Croatia hit Spain


Their ordinance has hit a snap (Bild: Getty)

Dejan Lovren has opposed Sergio Ramos to a new level by sucking and insulting defenders after Croatia hit Spain on Thursday night.

Liverpool centerback celebrated his nation's thrilling 3-2 victory over Spain, who continues to live his UEFA Nations League hopes – but he seemed more busy aiming for a digging on Ramos.

"Elbowed him well," said Lawrence on an Instagram living from the winning dressing room and made a move with his arm.

'Haha! 3-2! Continue and talk now mate. Buddy! They are a lot on ******. & # 39;

If the flag of Spain sews in his shirt, he continued: "Just this page [Croatia] is worthy of Now to beat England and go out like a boss! "

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Croatia's victory over Spain blew Group 4 next door, with all three teams capable of the table. a victory for Croatia or England on Sunday would seal a place in next summer tournament, while a score draw would see that the three lions were condemned.

The bad blood between the two players goes back to the Champions League final when Ramos injured Lovren's teammate and good friend Mohamed Salah, before continuing to spit the reaction to his challenge.

What can happen in Group 4?

England beat Croatia
England through, Croatia was transformed

Croatia beat England
Croatia through, England humiliated

Goalless draw
Spain through Croatia moved

score Draw
Spain through, England humiliated

The law later asked the plaudites that Ramos received and claimed that Real Madrid was lucky enough to play for a team where his mistakes are not as expensive as his own.

"He has many more mistakes than me, but he is at Real Madrid," said the law earlier in the month. "With Ronaldo, when you make a mistake it's 5-1, 5-2 and nobody sees the mistake."

The Laws and Ramos swept back to this tackle on Salah (Picture: Getty)

Prior to meeting Croatia, Ramos said he would not bite back to Lovren during his pre-match press conference – just before taking a thin veil on him to lose both the Champions League final and the World Cup final in a few months.

"I've said so many times, I do not know if these things are said for frustration or for other reasons," said Ramos.

"I will not answer the Law or anyone who wants to win three pages or start the news bulletin. Everyone wins things for themselves on the plan.

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