Tuesday , March 2 2021

Rocket Lab successfully sent a lot of satellites to the runway and scared a few birds – BGR

SpaceX receives a lot of pressure to charge the fee in the private space industry, but there are a number of other companies that also dare for its part of the circle. One of them is Rocket Lab, and it showed its growing ability over the weekend by launching half a dozen satellites in orbit.

As Spaceflight Now reports, the company's electron beam broke out of its private launch facility in New Zealand on Sunday, and successfully released six satellites in place. Company CEO Peter Beck went on Twitter to describe the launch's precision as "exquisite", while the official Rocket Lab account popped up a great video of the whole thing, including Electron's ability to scare the living shit of some birds.

In the video, just over half a and a half, you'll see the Electron rocket cruise against space, open its payload and send the hardware in circulation around the globe. Everything is done with serious precision and it is clear that things went pretty well perfectly. Check it out:

As for the birds I mentioned, take a look at the video presence just like the rocket burns its engines on the launcher plate and you'll see a couple of birds flying frantically for their lives. It's hard not to wonder what goes through their little little minds, because their relaxing sunday morning is interrupted by a noise like the ones they've never experienced.

Things are moving fast for Rocket Lab recently and the company is making some big moves to get its commercial launch plans in order. After this weekend's successful launch, the next major test for Rocket Labs will be in just a few weeks. The company is planning to schedule the next launch for the week of December 10th.

Image Source: Rocket Lab

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