Friday , August 6 2021

Scientists have shown the influence of the purity of speech memory

It's important that you make it easier to carryThe pure speech directly affects memory

As it turned out, the information from a conversation could be remembered for a long time. Another one is flying out of my head.

Researchers believe that memory directly affects the purity of the speech. To such a conclusion, researchers working at the Austin University of Texas came.

Experts have suggested that how memorable the presentation affects the speed and purity of the speech.

To test the hypothesis, 60 people were attracted to speak English. Half of them were native speakers.

Then they read 72 sentences. They were divided into six blocks with 12 V each. We first used "pure numbers" at a slow pace, and then "spoke", which is not so accentuated and faster. In the end, the proposal was to reproduce the memory.

And native speakers and foreigners showed that the more memorable sentences spoke slowly and phonetically "pure". Researchers explained what follows.

With fast numbers or unclear articulation of ideas consuming, much more resources in the brain listen to understand what is said. Therefore, more effort is made to understand, the fewer resources are left to memorize the material.

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