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Actor Marián Geišberg († 64) died

Another outstanding personality in Slovak theater has left.

At the age of 65, the famous Slovak actress Marián Geisberg died on Saturday night. For TASR, this was confirmed by the secretary of SND Izabela Pažítková.

Actor and musician Marián Geisberg has played characters in dramatic situations since the start of his theater and film career. He has performed in dozens of Slovak films and series, Since 1992 he has worked in the Slovak National Theater (SND).

Marián Geišberg was born in Piešťany on December 23, 1953, grew up in Myjava. He graduated in the theater in Bratislava in 1979. He first worked in Jonáš Záborský Theater in Prešov, then in the SNP theater in Martin and since 1988 he has played at Trnava Theater for Children and Youth (today Ján Palák Theater). Since 1992 he has been a member of the National Theater of the Slovak National Theater (SND). The Bratislava spectators, however, also knew him from the theater a.ha.
One of the first films he performed was The Horses of the Horse on Steam, directed by Stephan Uher in 1982. Together with Marián Zednikovič, he created a couple of protagonists in Kara full of pain (Stanislav Párnický, 1985).

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He had several other actors in the three-part television production of Anatol (Ján Zeman, 1988) and in the series Alžbetin dvor (Andrej Lettrich, 1986) or Štúrovec (Peter Mikulík, 1991). Later he played in Milan Lasic Chaos (2000), or in the comedy of the popular Czech director Marie Poledňák How Crocodile Knocks (2006), which followed the previously popular movie How To Ride a Whale Pallet. In 2007, he performed in the comedy Muzika, directed by director Juraj Nvot on the theme of the famous pros writer Petra Pišťanka. 2009 he played in Jánošík – True History (directed by Agnieszka Hollandová and Kasia Adamiková) and you do not know in the picture … (Dan Svátek, 2009).

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Czech cinematography offered Marian Geisberg another opportunity in the form of the bitter comedy Revival (Alice Nellis, 2013), where he played one of the four-year-old musicians trying to get back on stage.

Among the newer series can be mentioned, for example, Old Town Crimson (2010) and Gympel. The latest films where Marián Geisberg played was Step in the Dark (Miloslav Luther, 2014), Red Captain (Michal Kollár, 2016) and again the Czech sagodik Čertovo pero (Marek Najbrt, 2018).

Marián Geisberg played in the theater in the titles Bratia Jurgovci, Je úžasná !, Quartet, Madame Bovary or L + S Studio in the comedy Ani za milión !. The viewers saw him as a glossary in the television series Sedem s. O., He also published his fiction and poems in the press. At the theater festival in Ružinov in Bratislava in November 2013, he performed with the UMK band with the musical poetical recital Fifth Annual Season, held in 2010 in SND. The reason was also published with CD-ROMs.

As songwriter, Marián Geišberg Oskoy (1998), Neladí – Nevadí (2002), Aha: Marián Geišberg and Daniela Danišková (2003) released. (1998) and go through the doorstep and close the door (2005). In 2001, he won the Jozef Kroner Prize for his most spectacular performance in 2000 – for the original performance of Benedict in Simon Gray at the end of the match.

His sister is actress Jana Oľhová. He has two sons, both of whom are also involved in the art industry, Martin Geisberg is an actor and musician, Marek Geisberg is a musician and actor.

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