Monday , May 17 2021

Better memory and better sleep. Scientists have discovered that a small thing is enough

For some reasons, you spend more time in the rocking net or in the rocking chair.

It is both comfortable and healthy. Rocking not only helps bring comfort, it also leads to longer and better sleep. And better memory.

As two Swiss scientists have found, it is not just for babies and toddlers, but also for adults … and even mice.

Both studies have been published by the current journal Current Biology.

We will not grow out of everything

The human body changes dramatically during growth and adolescence. Well, it turns out we won't "grow" out of everything. One of the things that accompanies us from early childhood is the positive influence of the rhythmic passive movement. Swing.

As is well known, babies and toddlers help sleep faster. And research has shown that it also leads to longer and deeper sleep.

Recent research has shown that it also helps adults. Let's sleep and sleep better. In a few new studies, researchers have decided to investigate the effects of adult sex that sleep in more detail and to reveal its effects on brain activity.

short sleep

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Sleep in the laboratory

The first of the studies was attended by 18 healthy young people who underwent sleep monitoring in the laboratory.

During the first night of the plant, they became accustomed to the new environment. During the second, they slept on the gently crooked bed, the third on the same bed that didn't move.

It turned out that the participants fell asleep faster during turns. And in sleep they spent more time in the so-called "orthodox sleep (phase without rapid eye movement), they slept generally deeper and less often they awoke.

"Good sleep means fast sleep and waking in the morning," said one of Laurence Bayer's great research writers. "Our volunteers slept much quicker as they became shorter and had longer episodes of deep sleep associated with fewer revivals during the night."

memory Support

Researchers have also looked at the memory effect. For participants, they prepared tasks based on remembering the words they performed in the evening before bedtime and in the morning after waking up.

It turned out that the participants slept in the swing in the morning was remembered much better.

Brain activity research showed that swelling led to the onset of specific brain oscillations, leading to synchronization of cerebral activity in the interstitial and cerebral cortex. Both play an important role both in sleep and in consolidation of memories.

Air conditioning can be much more organic.

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About mice and people

The second study led by Paul Franken and colleagues focused on mice. Scientists have verified and confirmed that swans also support sleep in species other than humans.

They found out that the mouse was best hit by rocking four times faster than humans. Unlike humans, they did not find signs of deeper sleep

Scientists believed that swelling promotes sleep through the rhythmic stimulation of the vestibular device. It is a sensory organ in the inner ear that helps maintain balance and spatial orientation.

This hypothesis was confirmed – mice with disturbed vestibular organs showed no positive effects of oscillatory sleep.

They will help insomnia

A few new research provides valuable new knowledge about the biological mechanisms of the effects of sleeping sleep, according to participating researchers.

These results can help old people who often suffer from poor sleep and reduced memory. At the same time, they can lead to new methods of treating insomnia and mood disorders.

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