Monday , October 18 2021

Impacted again: In Trnava she closed her school and primary school


This fall also carries the risk of influenza diseases. The doctors in the Trnava region know about it.

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A school and a nursery school closed this week for reasons
increased number of ill children on flu and respiratory diseases
in the Trnava region.

According to information from the head of the Epidemiological Department of the regional office
of public health in Trnava Dagmar Kollář is evidence
4943 cases of acute respiratory diseases (morbidity in 1329.3 patients)
per 100,000 inhabitants), of which 546 flu-like diseases
(morbidity in 146.8 patients per 10,000 populations).

The number decreases

"Compared to the previous calendar week
We notice a decline in respiratory disease by five percent and
a reduction of disease-related disease of 15.14%, "

said Kollárová.

At the district level, the highest acute disease was recorded
respiratory diseases in the Senica district and in the age group of children to
five years.

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