Tuesday , May 11 2021

In Trebišs Horia, large straw stock

They destroyed dozens of firefighters, they do not rule out intentional ignition.

Trebišov. Fire occurred in the middle of the afternoon storage facility in the Trebišov biomass chain.

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The fire broke in the area of ​​Trebišovská energetická, s.r.o., on the outskirts of the city towards Kožuchov.

Local firemen from Trebišov and Michaloviec arrested on site, who received a fire report before 13.30.

"The fire has hit straw bales in rolls housed in two halls," said the fire department.

Trebišovska kotolňa uses heat for hay, straw and wood biomass.

In respiratory system

Due to the scale and intensity, the fire department said in a very demanding manner.

"Fire is still not located. Firefighters on site intervene in respiratory equipment for a wide range of applications. The fire did not harm anyone," the firefighters specified after 17:00.

They assumed that the fire would run for several hours.

Water was fed to the tank by a shuttle service to Trebišov's fire station. Three thoughts ran constantly.

It can also be deliberately burning

Another fire department was ready at the fire station and called them out of the house.

The reason for the fire is not yet known. According to our information, there is a presumption that it may also be a deliberate ignition.

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