Saturday , May 15 2021

No scratches: The new material being repaired works on the basis of photosynthesis

Focus scratches on smartphone screens or even on cars. Researchers have invented a material that can be repaired entirely by itself, so that the holes or edges are covered. Shows for better times?

Testing smartphone resilience is probably all you know. This is a test where people release different types of smartphones from different heights and test their resilience. But with the novel substance, these tests would be just a ridiculous past. Did the mobile phone fall a few days after it was purchased on a concrete coating? It does not matter, it will repair itself and automatically.

So, if this material came to the store shelves, it would help us in everyday life with some unpleasant problems. If our phone had fallen on hard ground or would vandal touch the car, we would not have to hold our breath when we assessed the degree of damage.

Photosynthesis produces carbon dioxide and sugar due to sunlight. Can the process also overcome the shortcomings?

The material created at MIT University is based on the biochemical process for photosynthesis. Researchers have placed chloroplasts – parts of plants and some bacterial cells that provide photosynthesis – in a thin film. Thanks to the air around them and enough sunlight, the biofilm strengthens this biofilm, so it can also cover the entire hole. However, the encapsulation process is very slow and the expanding film is very weak. So these problems still have to be resolved by the researchers. One would say observing chloroplasts to perform their work is like watching the grass grow.

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