Saturday , October 23 2021

One of the accused of theft in the Perinbaby filmmaking is in custody


In connection with the theft of the Perinbaby movie crew, he was imprisoned by the accused by Radoslaw K. on the grounds that he would continue to commit crimes.

District prosecutor in Spišská Nová Ves submitted a proposal on Tuesday, November 13th, for Red K.'s accused detained in connection with the theft of the Perinbaby 2 movie crew in Spiš.

"The judge of the preparatory proceedings at the district court in Spišská Nová Ves finally ruled late (15.11.) In the late afternoon of the condolences, because he feared he could continue to commit crimes," said the spokesman of the regional state in Košice Anna Pančurová.

With violence they entered the guesthouse

The President of the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Košice Milan Filičko informed that this man was prosecuted for the theft of theft and the violation of domestic freedom.

"They accused along with the other two accused – Andrej T. and Tomas R., after a previous settlement on November 7th, violently entered the guest room in the recreation area Čingov and from there stole the various things worth 14 500 euros," said Filička by presenting the proposal for the expulsion of Radoslaw K., which motivates the prosecutor with concern that he continues to commit crimes.

He is a 15-time criminal offender for illegal activities, and was last convicted in late April this year. "If the debt is recognized, the prison is threatened for three to ten years," said the spokesman.

Murder of John Kuciak

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