Friday , December 4 2020

PC Revue | J. Morgan: Apple to get Netflix for $ 189 billion

Apple has enough money to make a big acquisition. And, according to J. P. Morgan's analyst, Samik Chatterjee, "Netflix is ​​the best strategic deposit" for the copper company. He added that Apple should get a company operating in the entertainment market, but buying a company less than Netflix and trying to compete with the leader would be a bad idea.

The problem, however, is that Netflix will not be cheap. Chatterjee said Apple might have to pay a 20% premium to acquire Netflix, and the purchase price was estimated at $ 189 billion. Fortunately, Apple could use a cash payment, the company has nearly $ 250 billion in cash. In recent years, it has been reluctant to make large acquisitions and only buy smaller businesses.

But after dealing with iPhones and the service department has dropped, some observers ask whether Apple should invest even more in the content. And buying Neflix would just be such an investment. Chatterjee told investors that besides Netflix, it could be a good buy for Apple as well as the gaming company Activision Blizzard or the home-based sonos Sonos manufacturer.


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