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Posledná rozlúčka s Mariánom Geisbergom († 64)

Marián Geišberg († 64) took to the actor's heaven when he lost his fight against lung cancer on Saturday November 10th. The week after sudden death, his family and friends have always been married to the actor.

The last farewell to a great artist with an unforgettable voice came to give lovers and colleagues on Sunday at 11.00 in the new building of the Slovak National Theater. But the popular audience could come to the audience.

The actors did not hold a jail this time, but sat on the stage on the chairs. The coffin was missing, but the scene was full of flowers, and some actors held the lights in their hands.

Among the Geishberg colleagues who were neither Kamila Magálová, Božidara Turzonova nor Martin Huba, the directors of the theater Michal Vajdička, Jozef Vajda, Ľubomír Paulovič, Director of the Martin Theater, František Vyrostko, Signed for the National Theater, Daniel Majling, Tomáš Vravník, František Kovár Peter Šimun and as the last actress Táňa Pauhofová. There was a sense of sadness in their words, but many smiles are seen together with tears on their faces. "A friend has left me in the middle of an incredible idea. The friend who introduced me to the theater family that opened my arms and eyes, showed up the universe, took me to myself and although I grew up with her wonderful sons he led an even dialogue with me. When someone goes away, it always hurts left and more of those who love him. A friend has left me and it hurts me very much. It's hard to talk, thank you forgetting, " Vajdička said. "It's been a week and I still can not believe it." When I learned about the premiere on Saturday, I said it was crazy. Maroš would have been waiting for the results of the local elections, but where the country and society would take it, it was a lot important to him. But it did not happen. Marosko, when it is said that each of us is exchangeable, it does not apply in your case. You will miss everyone in the theater. Thank you for meeting you at one stage that I could have been a small part of your life. I really appreciate it, I like you very much, "Joseph Vajda told the actor in his speech.

The actor František Kovár, who has shared a wardrobe with Geisberg for many years, was behind the microphone. He also became the road in the conversation. "Do you remember when we played Cyran in Hviezdoslavs theater? It was five minutes to the seventh and I called you Marosko, where are you?" On the roof of the house in Vlčkovce I change the tiles. What do you need? "You miss me in the locker room because we play Cyrano," I say. "What?" And on the phone, I heard you snuggle up the ladder, he said, "I'm in my costume on stage!" I still do not understand how to did it but He kept the word because you always kept what you said " Kovár log. "And when we played Bal and saw us before the joint operations went out of the car to the theater, you told me in the locker room" Zdenka left foot, Kamila to the right and you on both. Noo, that's the national theater! "," The guests in the room screamed.

Peter Šimun, remembering the beginning of his friendship with Geisberg, took over the regime after Kovár. "Hi Maros. I'm glad I was your friend I came into your life, especially in your wedding in Rimavská Sobota. We were students, we did not have much money, so he canceled all the officials, including the photographer, and I decided to shoot your wedding. I borrowed my father's camera from work, such a great camera with big flash drives and a big flashlight. I flashed, I photographed, I shot ten big movies after 36 pictures, it came up and everyone was black. Just one photo left, such a cream roll. This was the most beautiful photo. Then your father said, "You have a good friend!" And you embraced me with all my strength and said, "I have." And then our adventurous journey began " reminded Simon.

The last speaker was Táňa Pauhofová, who made his entire conversation look into Geisberg's photo, back to the audience. "Our Marosh, Ocko. Fly free, free, easy and quiet. Why do not you talk about it and talk a lot about it? Focus on the flight itself. I'm watching you and I can tell you it hurts so badly that I've become used to your sensitivity and I think it's the most natural part of your being as well. And I look at your years with great love, with great gratitude and admiration that we are, can be a part of your fragrance, your rebellion. And that he allowed us to take you as much as we wanted. You see, we carry you in ourselves, because when you love someone you become like him. You are perfect in all that wide range of yourself. I will fill you up with nothing again. Thank you very much and I kiss Poseidon, " her actor finished her speech and she bent deeply against Geisberg.

Striking talks were supplemented with footage from the productions that Geisberg had performed during his lifetime and the recordings of the artist's poems in his work. The soft gesture was the endless applause of all the guests in the hall. The complainants were Maria Kráľovičová, Dušan Cinkot, Juraj Loj, Matej Landl, Elena Vacvalová and Oľga Feldeková and many others.

Marien Geisberg († 64) celebrated Marián Geisberg's death († 64) when he unexpectedly went to a hospital in Ruzyne on Saturday. The blatant lung cancer he had been on for three months had taken him forever, affecting not only his wife Anna, but also the sons of Mark and Martin with their families.

In his person, the Slovak culture lost not only an excellent actor, a talented prostitute, a poet and a musician, but even a famous personality who has never been afraid to talk about current social topics.

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