Saturday , May 15 2021

Researchers have made a renewable source of electrical energy from the common fungus

The so-called bionic mushroom
So-called Bionic Mushroom (FOTO American Chemical Society)

A top specialist from a private American university has managed to create something that has not been true yet. Common currants became an inexhaustible power source that could drive our consumer electronics in the near future.

To create this unusual energy system, they must combine the above mentioned fungi with graphene from 3D printers and with special bacteria. Thanks to its ability to realize photosynthesis, a natural occurrence occurred solar with your own Battery. It's no surprise they are talking to him "Bionic mushroom".

The server informed about progress Nano Letters.

"By integrating sinus that can produce electricity with nanomaterials that can store electricity for later, we can gain better access to the unique properties of both properties, we can expand them and create a completely new functional bionic system" One of the members of the expert group, the famous professor, has said on many of scientific success Manu Mannoor.

The production process (PHOTO American Chemical Society)

Why the fungus?

The reason they chose the surface of the fungus is that there is an environment in which bacteria thrive. As he writes IndependentThanks to this step, researchers have extended the life of the so-called biosystem to a few days. So if it continues to continue, the days will be replaced by months and later years as well.

We must also wait capacity increase of the energy system, as the present can only produce so far modest amount of juice. Tešlár recalls 65 nano amps.

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