Monday , June 21 2021

The number of patients with acute respiratory diseases increased, most in the Bratislava region

BRATISLAVA, November 10 ( – The number of patients with acute respiratory disease (ARO) this week compared to the previous step by 33.5 percent. As SITA informed the head nurses Ján Mikas, doctors reported 38 098 acute respiratory diseases (ARO).

The highest morbidity is in the Bratislava region

The highest morbidity was recorded in the Bratislava region, the lowest in the region Žilinský. Usually, respiratory diseases have occurred in children of five years. Complicatory doctors registered 910 people, which corresponded to 2.4 percent of all AROs.

The most common complications were sinusitis (465). Other complications were otit (254) and pneumonia (191). Diseases reported by 57 percent of general practitioners for children and adolescents and 46 percent of general practitioners for adults.

They interrupted the teaching in the nursery

Doctors at the 45th week also reported 2,990 flu and flu-like illnesses, which corresponded to 7.8 percent of the total reported ARO. Compared to the previous week, morbidity increased by 49.4 percent. The most ill were in the Trnava region, at least in the Bratislava region.

Influenza most infected children in five years. Teaching was suspended this week on a kindergarten in the Trenčín region.

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