Sunday , April 11 2021

The start of public transport in Bratislava transport years was postponed, the city showed improvements

The initial intention was to launch public transport on the reconstructed street in the fall. However, after several discussions with the expert group, the municipality rejected it.

This was announced by Bratislava spokesman Peter Bubla.

The capital claims that it prefers and enforces its conceptual improvements over the unfinished boulevard rather than the rapid launch of public transport. “Because our city's face will determine this neighborhood and this important traffic artery for decades to come. In agreement with the investor, we are improving several elements of the boulevard to improve conditions for residents, cyclists, pedestrians and the traveling traveler, ”Bubla said.

The bike route is moved to the north side of the street by two-way and safely separated from the road. Thus, collision points so far designed in the area of ​​public transport will cease. "Such a solution would allow the implementation of a two-way bicycle route also in the south of the street after the closure of the temporary bus station," the spokesman said.

The tracks extend from 4.2 to 5.5 meters. The width and number of lanes will also change, the number of trees and trees on the boulevard will increase, and a new pedestrian crossing will be added. "Improvements require, in addition to changing the design documentation for the construction, also some other related approval processes. Launch of the boulevard traffic will be at the same time for individual car and public transportation and is expected by the holidays next year," Bubla said.

Changes in the reconstruction of Mlynske Nivy in Bratislava
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They also open a new bus station

Shortly thereafter, the new Bratislava bus station, shopping mall and other administrative buildings and homes will open, which will form the new district in the Mlynské Nivy area.

"The common goal of the city as developer and investor, HB Reavis, is to complete the construction of the new boulevard on the Mlynske Nivy flood as efficiently as possible with a view to possible improvements," says Bubla. As originally anticipated and bypassing the public transport route on the street Páričkova and Landererova, based on the experience so far, capital seems to be an adequate substitute.

According to the municipality, the passage of public transport over Mlynské Nivy would not improve the comfort of people living in the affected streets, as construction of the new bus station and adjacent buildings continues anyway.

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