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VIDEO: Pavol Gostič talks about ŠK Slovan Bratislava

Gostich talks about several subjects.

17 Nov 2018 at. 11:18 TASR

BRATISLAVA. Pavol Gostič is one of the football players in Bratislava Slovan who, on his own skin, experienced the second-largest federal and first Slovak championship title.

During the first half of the 1990s, they and their teammates celebrated Tehelnom Poland, where they are currently completing their work on the construction of the National Football Stadium.

When he recalls the latest events in Slovak football, he spoke of the current Slovan or the highest competition, but also how he remembers the golden times in the Slovan camps or how his famous ruler "bicycle" occurred, he spoke on television, the study TABLET.TV.

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Gostič: The players? I'll be careful

Pavel Hapal, the Czech coach, was replaced by Ján Kozák in the post.

Gostič regards Hapoel as an excellent coach.

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"Everyone understands football in Slovakia, so this topic has been discussed everywhere," said Gostič.

"I have enough years to filter things in some way, and when I do not know more about how things went wrong, I can hardly comment on that," he continued.

"Anyway, Kozak is an extraordinary coach, and even though he has never taught me, I think he's a serious guy too." Gostic pointed out in his comments after leaving the place for the coach.

"As for the players and their" props "I will be very careful about this subject, because I also played football and we were not angels too. It's a good coach so football will run with us and I hold my thumb, "he added.

She has another life

Work at the National Football Stadium on the Teheln field ends slowly.

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Interestingly, almost three decades ago, Gostič celebrated main titles – the federal one in 1992 and the Slovak one two years later.

"I'm not coming back to this idea so often, I have another life, I try to live with it, but it was a beautiful time, it's true we created a good game and when we meet some former teammates from time to time Another, even after so many years, is very honest, "he admitted.

"I think the human side, the football team is gone, is far away, which is logical, but the truth is that Galis coach made us a big football family," said a 52-year-old father in Stropkov's football today.

Slovan was a priority

The younger youth representative came to Slovan in the mid-1980s.


But I was a bad fan of Slovan, but the wall of my room was glued with posters, my biggest example was the assassin of the great Marian Masný.


Pavol Gostič

The performance of the club from the capital, which did not fit in the highest Czech-Slovak competition, but down, preferred a number of interesting offers.

"Yes, it was true, I had five or six leagues before I reached the eighteenth birthday, except for Prešov, Košice, Vítkovice or Ostrava," he recalls.

"I was a bad fan of Slovan, I was a fan of Slovan, my wall was glued with posters, my biggest model was Marián Masny's striker, and despite the fact that many of them hit the forehead for these reasons, I decided for the Bratislava club and I never complained, he said to Gostič after years.

How did his nickname come from?

Attack Trophy Jaroslav Timko – Peter Dubovsky – Pavol Gostich was afraid of each opponent. Each of the trio was distinguished in something else, the last name is known by his famous hand, bike.

Later, Brazilian Ronaldo was blessed by the football world, today he is a regular part of Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo's repertoire.

"I have asked about it again, so I will repeat it." In Stropkov's excitement, I led myself to an extraordinary coach, former President Prešov, Marián Semančík, still remembered today as a coach for his current practice, pulling them out of memory and trying to make them apply in practice, "he said.

"But to get back to the root of the matter, under the rope under his guidance, we led the ball to the width of the track and we had to cross it, walk around, etc. It was so stuck in my brain and then I started using it more and more. is the nickname of a bike where I'm still calm with my grown children, "he explained.

Like Zilina

Bratislava Slovan has been a football hockey player for many years, with the vast majority of those who reach the representation.

In recent years, however, slaves have chosen a different direction. In their cadri the legionaries are overwhelming, Slovak players are in it as saffron.

"I'm sad because there are many good players in the Czech Republic, but I think we should be more creative in their game, but the same goes for Trččín, which changes the farm with some Dutch," he said. .

"On the contrary, I like Zilina in this regard, so it's true that I'm a supporter of Slovak players playing in our league. I'm convinced that there are an incredible amount of talent and if they got the chance, they would fight for the club and for representation, "he concluded.

Gostič is currently working on youth education at Domine in Bratislava and works in a garden company.

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