Friday , April 23 2021

Celjani crushed the inhabitants of Zagreb | diary

Not only were the handball players Celje Pivovarna Lasko in the eighth round of Group B in the Champions League Revenge of the last round (22:24), with a fantastic performance on the wings of a radiant atmosphere in the sold Zlatorog Hall, they broke forever rivals literally from 30:21. In addition, the nine-goal victory is the highest Celje on the previous 20 total accounts for these two rivals in the Champions League. With a total of three wins among the elite this season, before defeating Flensburg and Zaporozhye, Celje players managed to get into a place that made them breakthrough in the eighth finale. In the next round, they will have a good chance when they will visit Zaporozhye on Sunday, to further consolidate in the first six years.

The first half did not seem to think that in Celje today we could look at a balanced and excited game. Although the guests did not run the race once and managed to level out only 1: 1 and then 2: 2, the hosts made a minor crisis at the end of the first part and failed to beat 22 minutes (10: 7) left only with a modest advantage 10: 9). In the next attack, the visitors reached the goal for the last time in the next attack, and then the benefits of Celjanovs in the solid defense and different and imaginative in the attack until the end matches did not only increase. The highest nine goal difference was at 25:16 for the first time in 52 minutes, the second time at 26:17 in 55, and the third time and the last time 20 seconds before the end when the final result with their sixth goal was set by Tilen Kodrin. "We are dedicated to Zmago to our colleagues at offices who have been working hard all month to fill the hall. This has been successful and this victory goes to them, like Florian, who celebrates 25 years and together with other fans has prepared an extraordinary atmosphere in which the players flew through the playground. Congratulations to the boys, this victory was obtained. We were collective, responsible, we knew that in the second part we would correct the realization, believe in success and eventually deserve to achieve it, "after the match the home family was satisfied Tomaž Ocvir, guest Lino Cervar After the congratulations he added to his opponent: "We tried with all the defenses in the attack with seven players, but Celje had always answered. We have a lesson that we need to analyze now and prepare for the sequel. The eighth finals are all too far and for everyone to reach. "

Other results from the 8th round in Group B: Choose Szeged – Skjern 33:33 (14:15), Nantes – Zaporozhje 23:27 (13:12), played in advance: Flensburg-Handewitt – Paris SG 20:27 (9: 12).

Crimea with three points won Gorenje in the guests

On Saturday, the handball players returned Crimea Mercator in their last match in Group C in the group of league champions in the guests with Thüringer, a tense finish at 26:26. They have already made progress in the main part before the last round, but the tie is in the main starting January 25, next year, where opponents of Romanian Bucharest, Norwegian Kristiansand and Hungarian ferencvaros travel with three points. At the same time, the Germans, who were closer to the defeat, also made progress with the draw. From 19:00, when the guests took 11:10, they actually fell behind, with Krima's advantage moving from one to three goals. The hosts, until the match, which also meant the final result of the match, came just a good half past the end before the last attack is the Krima coach Uros Bregar He also took a one-minute rest, but he did not follow his wishes. "The race was tight, the atmosphere is great, and remi is the most honest result," said Bregar after the match.

In addition, Gorenje's handball team won by Velenje Granollers 25:24 (11:11) in the first match of the 3rd round of the EHF Cup. With this they achieved a very favorable result, which gives a lot of hope for the breakthrough in the group of the second strongest European competition.

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