Saturday , January 16 2021

Fakin with the heads of health centers about the condition of primary health care, but without doctors

Last week, the debate on health issues was characterized by a number of criticisms and warnings about the burden on primary doctors who did not register more patients in some places. In medical unions and other medical organizations, they point out that the increased burden on doctors leads to unprofessional and less quality care for patients. They point out that the agreed standards and standards are not observed.

On the other hand, the Ministry considers that the situation in the appropriate healthcare system is not critical and that the system is under control. Health Just Fakin has repeatedly emphasized the latest statements that the situation should be assessed through figures and data which, according to the Minister's forecasts, will try to do so today with health center representatives.

Fakin, director of the Slovenia Health Insurance Institute (ZZZS), will present the results of today's meeting to the public at the press conference. Marjan Sušelj, Director of the Health Institutes Association of Slovenia Marjan Pintar and the manager Radivoje Pribaković Brinovec from the National Institute of Public Health.

Family doctors draw attention to overlooked facts

The Association of Doctors in Family Medicine pointed out that no one working in primary care or anyone who could speak on behalf of patients will attend this press conference. They also drew a number of ministerial statements that do not correspond to official data.

For example, a ministerial statement stated that 60 percent of family doctors did not reach large quotas (1200 identified subjects or 1500 headers per individual physician). "The idea of ​​the ministry that 60% of doctors still have to define patients is based on the" normative "calculated by a bureaucratic equation: the number of people divided by the number of doctors. This would mean that if there were only two doctors in family medicine in Slovenia, where 1.2 million identified patients and the other 800,000 identified patients were able to claim that 50% of doctors did not reach high quotas, the Minister's statement made similar statements to the statement that 60% of truck drivers only travel 180 km per hour down the road, which is not enough because they do not reach an average of 200 km per hour, " they explained in the trade union practice that leads it Igor Muževič.

They also pointed out that only 261 doctors from Slovenia in the 10 years since OECD data migrated to the most popular six European countries. And also the medical students' poor interest in primary health care. In the message you can read completely at this link, there are some other information.

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