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Mountain guide

The guide was published in three parts. Photo: PZS

Before the 34th Slovenian Book Fair, PZS presented four literary short stories

16 November 2018 at 19:04
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO

Planinska založba, part of the Slovenian Alpine Association, has enriched his collection of books with a new guide to the Slovenian mountain town these days.

The guide was published in three sections written by hacked authors of mountain literature and experienced rock climbers: Gorazd Gorišek, Mojca Stritar Kučuk and Andraž Poljanec, and the whole trilogy was edited by Jože Drab.

Basically, this is a brand new concept of guides, as it is relatively thin brochures that planners can bring in their rucksacks. There is not much text, all the necessary data is short, short and clear. The guide provides updated information about the situation on and along the way. All the necessary information, the highlight of the starting point and the goal of the scene, the height difference, the length and the time, the difficulty of the stretch, climbs to the surrounding peaks that are not part of the Slovenian mountain road, and the possibility of distress in the valley is given reasonably and openly. All cabins on how it is possible to stay overnight is presented, as the cabins are also in. Quick response codes, which is a news in our guides. These QR-codes for rock climbers who also have decoding programs in their mobile phones, quickly and easily present all data on individual rock climbers.

With a brief description of each stage, the map also runs the scene and route profile. The guides are also supplemented with quality images of the peaks.
In the first part, Gorazd Gorišek leads us from Maribor through Pohorje, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karavanke to Mojstrana. The central part of the Julian with some of the most important Slovenian peaks was presented by Mojca Stritar Kučuk, the last part of the road from Petrovec Brdo across the Cerkno Mountains and Karst to the sea at Debel rtič near Ankaran was described by Andraž Poljanec.

The Slovenian mountain trail or crossroad, as hikers call it, was organized in 1953 at the initiative of Ivan Šumljak, a geography professor, a chronicle, a versatile rock climber and an active marker of the Berg Club Maribor. It is 617.4 km long and stretches from northeast to southwest of Slovenia for most mountain peaks Pohorje, Karavanke, Kamniško-Savin Alps, Julian Alps, Cerkno and Karst Coast. Her popularity is that over 100,000 newspapers on the Slovenian mountain road have been sold so far, that more than 10,000 people have traveled there and that 100 to 200 mountaineers send it every year. It can be converted in 252 hours or so. in 37 days, but recently, some record hunters beat the pot in extremely short times. The last entry is seven days, eight hours and ten minutes.

At the presentation of the new guide, the PZS presented a booklet of fairy tales Pravljičarija pod Triglavom, which is intended for both children and adults. The author is a famous narrator and narrator of Kristin Menih, and the book was enriched with illustrations by Jernej Kovač Myint.

Many mountain climbers will also be happy about the mountain calendar with high quality pictures of our mountains for the second year.

Miro Štebe, TV Slovenia

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