Wednesday , November 25 2020

Marquez after & # 39; defeat & # 39; on Spielberg: Dovizioso played with me in recent rounds

The current world champion, while also the premier racer in the overall rankings of the 2019 season of the Royal Motorcycle Class, Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda), following the epic end of the race for the Austrian GP in Spielberg, admitted he was the biggest rival of the last period, Italian Andrea Dovizioso of Ducati in the battle to win.

"This time it's & # 39; Come On & # 39; (Andrea Dovizoso, up. s.) a strategy to change the speed of the last payout rounds, " said the current Motogp Royal Motorcycle World Champion of the winning tactics of his biggest rival Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda), who in the exciting end of the race of the Austrian GP in Spielberg had to acknowledge Dovizio's superiority.

Rarely have we seen Marquez in recent championship seasons in a situation where he at least apparently lowered his throttle in the last round shoulder to shoulder with a competitor to win."True, I could have risked a lot more, but at the same time, I would definitely fall and remain without points, which is undesirable in this part of the season, where eight races are waiting for us to finish. Andrea surprised me a little, when he was in I risked none or none of the last turn, otherwise I tried to return the same to him, but this time it did not work to my taste. is aware of the importance of his current position in the battle for new champion Marc Marquez, who despite his "defeat" at the end of the race in Spielberg again showed all his mastery.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) staged the epic end of the race for the Austrian GP in Spielberg.PHOTO: motoGP

Wrong choice of rear wheels
"I felt like six or even seven laps before the end of Doviziso started playing with me. At least in terms of the speed changes. He reduced the speed especially on the flat parts, but this time he was faster than me, though I'm strong in this element as well. I think I made the mistake of choosing a rear tire that probably cost me the last wins in the end, "recognized the 26-year-old Catalan, who continues to maintain a nice point advantage, 58 points, in eight races before the end of the season, ahead of the closest pursuer to Dovizios.

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"In different circumstances I might have taken a little more risk, but this time I decided on the right tactics as I did not want to exceed my abilities. Throughout the race I was in first or second place, the other racers were a little behind this time what we Andreo made it easier to do the work below. I think motogp fans came to their own. They saw a very tense showdown at the end, which is ultimately the essence of our sport, " This time, the second-rated Repsol Honda member landed.

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