Sunday , March 7 2021

Patrick Swayze was repeatedly beaten by his mother during childhood

Patrick Swayze was the second child of five raised in Houston by a dance teacher Patsy and her husband Jesse. The boy started learning dance very quickly and Patsy sometimes demanded the impossible. When she failed to meet her expectations, she went crazy, she stressed Lisa Niemi.

The physical abuse ended on Patrick's 18th birthday. His father It's Jesse Patsy threatened to divorce her if she only reached over her son once more. "From that day on, she never hit him again," Lisa revealed to People magazine.

Even after his death, Swayze's wife had to advocate for physical abuse.

Patsy also experienced physical abuse himself as a child and continued the pattern of raising her children. Patrick only came across the abuse when he moved away from home. Patsy followed Patrick and Lisa to Hollywood to work as a choreographer. Her first film she starred in was Urban Cowboy, where they starred John Travolta and Debra Winger.

Following Patrick & # 39; s father's death, in 1982, Patsy became very close to Lisa and her son, who never had children. “Patsy was known to be very negative and often criticized us. But over time, she realized that if she wanted to be close, she needed to become friendlier, ”Lisa added. She had been in good relationship with her son until his death in 2009. She and Lisa were also in close contact with Patsy's death in 2013. ”She was a complex woman, very emotional and full of life. Patrick loved and respected her, ”she added.

Swayze with mother Patsy and wife Lisa.

After Patrick & # 39; s death, Lisa also had to advocate for physical abuse. A mutual friend of them told the media that Lisa had raised her hand over her husband several times. "They destroyed hotel rooms, cars, their house … it was full of violence," said a friend. "She scraped him with long nails, fist and clapped," he added. The violence was set to get worse as Patrick suffered from severe weight loss due to pancreatic cancer. Lisa's spokesperson told the media at the time: "The allegations are untrue."

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