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Slovenian cheerleader: Garnbrets World Champion, Krampl's Vice President

Slovenian climbing is another great day. Janja Garnbret became world champion in the difficulty of climbing as she is the second gold medalist in this championship. Slovenia's success was complemented by Mia Krampl, who had never been so high. Vita Lukan finished seventh in the final. Slovenia does not have a representative in the final in the men's competition.

To make it Slovenian Day, he has already announced the semi-finals, with three Slovenian women finishing in the top four. From the first place she moved on to the final Lambs Yarn Boardon the other hand Vita Lukan, from the fourth though Mia Krampl.

Kramplova was the first to do so, with Chaehyun Seo in Korea's 38+ lead. But the 18-year-old climber from Golnik was able to reach 39+, which already meant that at least one Slovenian would be on the winning pitch before the final three.

When she's Japanese Ai Mori behind Kramplova, Slovenian climbers had the opportunity to collect all three medals. But Viti Lukan didn't quite work, climbing up to 30+, which was enough to finish seventh.

Mia Krampl for the World Under-20 title for her greatest career success. Kramplova was so far ranked third in the World Cup.

Mia Krampl for the World Under-20 title for her greatest career success. Kramplova was so far ranked third in the World Cup.
Photo by Manca Ogrin

It was only Garnbret's turn to confirm his dominance. She has climbed to 43+ and won yet another gold medal at this World Cup (she became World Champion in Bouldering) on ​​Tuesday with a total of five World Cups.

The Slovenian women were joined by Japan's Mori on stage for the winners.

"Great Championship"

"Unreal. I was a little nervous before the start because I didn't know what to expect. You could see it during my climb. This championship is really amazing. Of course there is some fatigue as we have been running for four days in a row "I just want to enjoy and climb the best," Garnbret said in his first statement following the new World Cup title.

Live: Watch the live coverage of the Hard Rock Climbing World Cup finals:

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The Slovenes at 17 medals

For the first time, Slovenia has a hard time with gold and silver at the World Cup. However, Yarn Bret impresses with its versatility. Ever since last April, climbing has been no worse than the first. This year, she also won the Boulder World Cup for the first time.

However, she has been in trouble since everything she has done among members since July 10, 2015. For the past three seasons, she has won the World Cup in this discipline. She is also a three-time winner of the World Cup combined, that is, in all disciplines.

According to today's difficulty final, Slovenia has already won seventeen medals, three at this championship, thanks to Garnbret and Kramplov at the World Cup climbing championships.


Getting up and speed is our turn

Competitors are now waiting for another two tries as they share speed in combination and speed.

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