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Slovenian Sea Girl: First they look at you funny, then the question is, what do you mean #video

Three and a half years ago, Barbara Petek in the Philippines at Sea Girls Academy got a real license for a professional girl who is also an instructor. It has become the Arabella Sea Mermaid, not only that, but these days it is preparing for a truly real World Cup for girls in serious swimming areas, where it will be represented by Slovenia's colors in China.

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This is how the Pohorians made their "Bal-i" #video on the hill




When she was little, she did Barbara Petek reading a book about a little sea girl, Ariela dreamed of one day becoming herself a magical adventure being. Her dreams have come true.

Opened the first Marine Girl Academy

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As she says, people's reaction to her activity is often interesting-fun. "They look at you funny first, and then the question is, what do you mean," she said. But she still thinks seriously. She even opened the first Navy Girl Academy in Slovenia, where she teaches children and adults to swim in mono-swimming.

She taught this herself at the Academy of Marine Girls in the Philippines. "We first learned the theory, including the technique of proper breathing during diving and the technique of swimming with the fins. We also had a science education," he explains.

Being a sea girl is not easy. First up is the tail, which can weigh up to 20 pounds and costs anywhere from $ 150 to $ 5,000. Then there is breath under water. When you have to do acrobatics and laugh while swimming, it is anything but simple.

He also writes a book

"We need to breathe as deeply and calmly as possible, relax. The more breaths we take, the longer we can take underwater," Petkova tells the technique.

Abroad, the profession of seafood is very profitable. In a show, they earn between $ 150 and up to $ 700. But for Barbara, this is just a hobby for now. "I currently work in Snovik, where I work as a water ambulance and as a girl. I also help in Ljubljana at Ježica in Laguna," she told Planet & # 39; s Today Today team.

He is heading to China next week to host the World Cup for Girls. Different swimming techniques and choreography are evaluated. "The choreography itself is evaluated on how it is performed and the performance of various tricks underwater. Additional points are gained if we do not use a mask, nose clip and earplugs while swimming.

In addition to preparing for the competition, Barbara is also writing a book coming out in September. With her, she wants to encourage young girls to make their dreams come true – just like them.

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