Wednesday , November 25 2020

Tara on his first vacation with Him

The host of the popular show The Stars is Dancing Tara Zupančič also celebrated his birthday this year in a swimsuit. Last year, she celebrated the 30's with her ex-boyfriend, the front man for the Siddharta Group Tommy Meglicand this year was her 31st birthday Matevz Salekhar – Hamowhich Tara has not yet talked about. They still don't hang on to their big bell, and they also keep silent about their new love, Hamo.

She celebrated with Tommy last year, this year with Him.

This year, lovers are likely to wander through Korcula and enjoy some joy. Tara prefers to spend her time at the beach reading books, though this year seems a bit slower than her hands. She says she prefers to look at the horizon on vacation, is relaxed but is most satisfied because she is not dealing with numbers on vacation, is not burdened with what time it is and what day it is.

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