Tuesday , November 24 2020

The female brain works three years younger than men of the same age

Women's brains should be aged slower than men. This is one of the possible explanations. Researchers continue to work in this field to confirm and better understand the results of the study. Photo: Ads

Women usually live longer than men and also keep mental focus longer. Study released in Attempts by the National Academy of Sciences, but I could explain why. The research is summarized by the Slovenian press agency.

The study involved 121 women and 84 men diagnosed with metabolism in the brain, supplying oxygen and glucose to the brain. For the brain, as with other organs in the body, the fuel is glucose. But how the brain interacts can tell a lot about their age.

Participants in the study were between 20 and 80 years of age, and in all age groups, women's brains appeared, according to younger than men's metabolism, the results of researchers with Washington's School of Medicine in St. St. Petersburg Louis.

The algorithm showed that women's brains were on average approx. 3.8 years younger than women's actual chronological age. Men's brains were on average 2.4 years older than men's actual age.

Man adult life comes later
"This does not mean that the male brain ages faster" commented on one of the most important authors of the study Manu Goyal, Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University mentioned above. As he explained, adult life begins about three years older than women and thus remains the end of life.

The question why this does not have a clear answer for now. Researchers hope that they will be able to determine whether differences in metabolism in the brain can play a protective role for women who are usually better off than men in mental ability studies, such as reminding or resolving problems in older years.

According to Goyala, this may mean that the reason why women in older people do not experience such crazy cognitive abilities as the same old man is that their brains are actually younger, STA writes.

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