Wednesday , October 27 2021

The victim is looking for a comprehensive rescue service during the week, on Saturday at Krvavec


36-year-old Klemen Musulin, who was traveling from Krvavec to the valley on Saturday night (November 9), is still looking for. "All our activities are aimed at tracking the missing, but we have not found it until," reported Kranj Police Directorate (PU). In addition to them, mountain savers, firefighters, rescue dogs, as well as his family and friends were missing. When the situation was allowed, a police helicopter was also used.

They will continue their business today and tomorrow when they will conduct a very comprehensive search campaign where they will review the entire Krvavec area with roads, roads, grabs and other steep and dangerous slopes. "

Therefore, there will be a temporary restriction of movement and forbidden access: from the lower station to the upper station on the Krvavec cableway 500 meters to the left and to the right of the gondola, on the hill above Jezerci, on Ambrož towards the top (upper station) at the cable car's lower station (east towards Ambrož), Jezerc (east – to Kriška planina and hill), Kriška planina (towards the tower).

"The police action will also apply to unmanned aerial vehicles, remote controlled or autonomously controlled vehicles or other comparable technical means. The risk of stoning will also be on the roads leading to Kovra Krvavec. The presence of the site will only be provided to the closest family members to it lacked clarity, while the others will be thankful for commitment because we do not need any help right now, "they informed PU Kranj.

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