Thursday , June 17 2021

They are looking for a former chief of criminals with a stroke

After the court of the former head of Zagreb, criminal investigators found the innocent innocence of the office safe and the sites of two kilograms of gold and several hundred euros in cash and sent him to prison for six years and each track was lost.

Cries in the crime headquarters have embarrassed Croatian police. Finally, it turned out that the offender is of their kind.PHOTO: iStock

Former head of the criminal investigators in Zagreb Željko DolačkiAs the court sentenced yesterday to six years' imprisonment for police robbery, today is the official refugee. The court issued a complaint against him after he was not sentenced today, but he was not in any known address where he was looking for him.

Although the sentence is not yet final, but because he was sentenced to more than five years in prison, he must be sentenced to imprisonment until the beginning of his sentence.

His lawyer Veljko Miljević said they heard last time Tuesday at. 14.30 and that he did not say anything that would make him believe he was planning to flee. His second lawyer Davor Cahun but he said they had not heard in the morning in the morning. But after the verdict was pronounced, journalists spoke to him breakfast List. "I don't want to run away. I do not want to escape because I do not have dual citizenship as some. When I get an arrest warrant, I will meet with a lawyer and perform my duty,"he said, adding that he was not convicted of the sentence because he was sure he would be found guilty of innocence.

The court found that in 1984, Dolacki made a burglary at his office and broke into a safe there. He stole two pounds of seized gold, about 640 thousand kunas (86 thousand euros) and 290 thousand euros they never found. In addition to the prison sentence, the 47-year-old Dolac returns the stolen money and covers the costs of the case.

The event raised many doubts about the ability of the Croatian police when gold and money were stolen in the Zagreb police force. Due to the robbery, the director of the Croatian police terminated in the spring of 2016 Vlado Dominić and three other senior police officers.

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