Tuesday , August 3 2021

This Slovenian company is looking for hundreds of new employees

With the reorganization, they want to provide the conditions for long-term growth and development.

Gorenje, which as part of its reorganization of business processes last month earned the termination of employment contracts to 60 workers due to increased demand and consequently increased production, needs more new workers in production. These are about 100 workers who would start work in September, a Gorenje representative said Denis Oštir.

As Oštir explained to STA today, they were offered a job in the manufacture of all the above redundant workers, but only a part of them accepted the offer.

The new workers will be hired on a permanent basis, but they need them in all their Velenje plants, but most of all in the production of washers and dryers, because now is the season for these appliances, Ostir said.

The proceedings are ongoing

In connection with the reorganization of business processes, Gorenje initially foresaw that the parent company in Velenje would have a profit of 270 employees and then reduce the number to the 60 mentioned.

In long-standing procedures, Gorenje has offered 1393 permanent employees new contracts due to changes in organization, titles or job descriptions. In so doing, it maintained existing wages and other rights.

Gorenje, which has been owned by the Chinese company Hisense since last year, has recently said it wants to provide conditions for long-term growth and development through reorganization. They added that reorganization and optimization of operations will not only be limited to the parent company, but will also include all subsidiaries and business units abroad.

Gorenje's management is aiming for the construction of a new TV factory employing 1000 workers as quickly as possible. In the first phase, they plan to produce two million televisions a year, and later they will double production.

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