Wednesday , November 25 2020

Titanfall's creators represent a free "battle royal" shooter

Although the game is created in the Titanfall world, giant robots are neither a ghost nor a hearing.Although the game is created in the Titanfall world, giant robots are neither a ghost nor a hearing.

As we already thought to nonsense about multiplayer games with the concept of the fight until the last fattening, the news of the new free first person shooter, Respawn Entertainment. The American studio, run by a former member of the Infinity Ward (Call of Duty) team, has received an enviable circle of fans with a dynamic science fiction shooter Titanfall 2, and in the public eye, it is primarily due to the development of the new Star Wars games.

But in the meantime, boys and girls did not rest on laurels or prepare for the highly desirable continuation of the Titanfall franchise. Instead, they have developed a well-hidden product titled Apex Legends. It is a heroically colored multiplayer experience played by the rules of "battle royale" – but not solo, but team-based in triples. As many as twenty teams at a time collide in the shrinking area where a brutal race within the Titanfall universe takes place. Those who have already met Respawn's titles will therefore have a small advantage as the gameplay has not undergone major changes, only for recognizable Titans there is no space at this time. The movement of the eight color characters is so much more fluid than in many action adventures, while shooting games still fall into the top of the first-person games of this generation.

Apex Legends is already available for free for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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