Friday , November 27 2020

Vonnova published a picture of a shock and a damaged face

Lindsey Vonn, one of the largest alpine skiers, often publishes her pictures on social networks.

American ski master Lindsey Vonn She decided it only one day after a terrible fall at the Aare World Cup on her Instagram announces the consequences of the fall to the profile and informs the public that the lives of alpine trees are not the least.

Vonnov's fall


Goggia shocked, Shiffrin couldn't see

They experienced this with a fellow player in the recent super-alloy trial Laurenne Ross, when they got a bad fall on the World Cup.

Autumn Lindsey Vonn, Superhero at SP Are

The first action


The ugly fall and the unscrupulous end of the "ruined" Vonnov

The most successful alpine skier definitely decided to publish the consequences of both falling on social networks, so she and her followers shared a picture where the breaks of Ross and the Vonnova face were broken in bruises.

"The consequences of yesterday's fall. I can't wait to see what colors will be tomorrow" she wrote about the picture Instagram.

lindsey vonn

She fell out of training


Vonn: When I said that, I didn't understand that

Lindsey recently suffered a number of injuries, so Aars matches are likely to be the last in the career of 34-year-old Vonnova, who in the last year has considered when she retires.



Vonnova in search of the swans will squeeze out the last power atoms

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