Wednesday , October 20 2021

Dejan Lovren to attack Sergio Ramos


Wired out of mischief in live broadcast

Croatia defeated Spain.

Afterwards, Dejan Lovren went to a serious attack.

"They're a bunch of f **** r," he says in an Instagram live video.

It's a good turn in Group 4 in the Nations League A division. Everybody strikes everyone and thus all teams still have the chance to win the group. This since Croatia defeated Spain in a raging drama yesterday, Thursday.

With 78 minutes played, Sergio Ramos put themselves up 2 – 2 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder. 93 minutes into the match left the left wing Tin Jedvaj and scored 3-2 for Croatia.

Sent live

However, the deal was about something else.

In the locker room shortly after the final signal, Croatian midfielder Dejan Lovren – Everyday in Liverpool – chose to launch a live broadcast on Instagram where he went to a serious attack on the Spanish national team in general and their team captain Sergio Ramos in particular.

– Haha! 3-2! Please talk now, man. They're a bunch of f **** r, said Lovren.

His dust with Ramos stretches back to the Champions League final this spring when Ramos injured Lovren's teammate Mohamed Salah.

"No one cares"

Already before the international match between Croatia and Spain, Lovren had sent an acidic boot to Ramos.

"Ramos has made many mistakes, but he plays in Real Madrid and then they do not see the mistakes because they win the matches with 5-1 or 5-2. Then nobody cares, said the Law.

Ramos was asked to respond to the game, but apparently did not want to go into a word war.

"I'm not going to answer the words of Lovren, or anyone else who wants to get three pages in the magazine or start a news drive. What's happening on the plane is the only thing that matters, Ramos said.

That's how the Nations League works – four teams are going to the European Championships 00:38

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