Wednesday , October 20 2021

"Gnaget, you have acquired you a worst enemy for the rest of your life"


He was at a gold feast a week ago.
AIK Gold Festival.
Now Nikola Djurdjic sends a message to Gnaget next year.
"You have acquired you a worst enemy for the rest of your life," he writes on Instagram.

Hammarby's Nikola Djurdjic created headlines when he was in a night club in Stockholm together with Vladimir Rodic, while the players in AIK, when they celebrated the SM gold.

Djurdjic received a lot of criticism – and then apologized and meant that they ended up in the same place as the AIK players of a mistake.

On Saturday he went to Instagram to reaffirm his love for Hammarby – and at the same time explain that he did not have much to spare for AIK.

Djurdjic writes, among other things, about AIK: "You have made yourself worst life long enemy".

"After all that has happened, I can only say thank you for 2018! Thank you for all love. And I respect the hatred because it also comes from the heart. I am also a support so I know the passion. But do not question my loyalty to the club. Everyone who knows me knows how far I'm prepared to go for my team and my teammates. Very often across the border. So Gnaget, now it's personal, you've gotten a worst enemy for the rest of your life. We are in 2019, "writes Djurdjic.

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