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How to handle the cost of winter clothes – News


Winter equipment is the most expensive in purchasing, says Sharon Lavie, economist at Ikano Bank.

I made a review, if you want to buy underwear, fleeced sweater, overall and winter boots, it costs between 2,400 and 3,000 kronor for a child. Then I have not taken in, it's not the finest brand clothes. It's quite a lot of money, she says.

In addition to the cost of clothing, expenses for other winter gadgets, such as skating, sledding, helmets and maybe skiing, are also included. There the costs can range from a few hundred percent per item to thousands of kronor.

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Sharon Lavie suggests that winter skates like skating can be rented through the recreational banks that are becoming more common in the municipalities. Stock Photography.

A lot of money

For most, it is now at the beginning of the season that the money is to be spent. It can be a lot, especially for the one who has more children to shop for.

The Consumer Agency has calculated what children's clothes and leisure equipment cost per month. For example, clothes for one to three years are calculated at SEK 490 a month, and for four to four years 730 kronor. The cost of free time for larger children is estimated at SEK 740 per month. But there are many who have not put away the money in advance.

If you put together clothing costs and free-time costs, the child allowance is not enough for SEK 1,250 per child and month long, she states. Especially not for the winter season.

put away

Although it is possible to keep the cost down.

My tip is that you should first spend money in advance so that they are available when shopping, but do not go so you can choose to buy some things and borrow others.

For example, there are Facebook groups where parents exchange and sell used, and of course secondhand stores. There are also companies selling used clothes online.

Some things that wear a lot, like overalls, may be more difficult to buy second hand. But such as underwear and fleece sweaters is often better found, she says.

After the season

The one who has the opportunity can also take care of buying clothes and gadgets after the season, as it is often rea, she tips.

When it comes to recreational gadgets, she would like to hint about the recreational banks, which are present in a lot of municipalities nowadays. There you can borrow leisure equipment for free for a while, so you do not have to buy the skates, the skis or the pulk itself.

It is an activity that has been expanded, and exists in many municipalities nowadays. It may be the municipality that drives it, but also private actors such as NGOs, says Sharon Lavie.

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