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Joakim Lundell was questioned about the double murder in Linköping

Youtubern Joakim Lundell was summoned to the murder of Mohammed Ammouri and Anna-Lena Svensson

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The police got a tip that Joakim Lundell was on site at the double murder in Linköping in 2004.

When the police came and knocked, he panicked and jumped out of the balcony.

– Most of all, I invited myself, as there were many peaks to it, says Joakim Lundell to Aftonbladet.

The double killer on Mohammed Ammouri, 8 and Anna-Lena Svensson, 56, in Linköping 2004 is one of the most comprehensive murder investigations since the murder Olof Palme.

The police shortly after the murder could secure DNA traces after the killer left both the knife and the hat on the crime scene. But despite the fact that several witnesses stated that the offender perceived the scene, crime is still unresolved today.

For 15 years, the police have searched for the offender and summoned the majority of people who should have been nearby.

The flu and the artist Joakim Lundell, 33, says that in 2011 he was applied for by the police for the double murder in Linköping.

– I remember being terribly scared. Most of all, I "enjoyed" myself as there were many who were tops to it. The problem was that someone told me that I was on the site, so I made the whole situation worse than I thought it was, says Joakim Lundell to Nöjesbladet.

Jump out from the balcony

Shortly after his participation in "Kings of Tylösand". In a Youtube video, he says that at that time he lived a messy life with intense party. He also had several letters with debt from both debt collection and the crown guard.

When one day he picked up the post, he saw that there was also a letter with a police message. In the letter it did not say what the case was, and because of its bad background, he says he became paranoid and suffered panic.

1 out of 2 | Photo: STEFAN JERREVÅNG

Joakim Lundell.

Instead of meeting with the police, he threw the letter. Shortly afterwards the police came and knocked, resulting in Joakim Lundell panicking and jumping out of the balcony in the middle of winter, but both jacket and shoes.

– The police searched for a person who fled from forensic psychiatry in Vadstena. They had knocked the door in the whole area and told everyone that there was a person flying from there. When the police knocked on me, I jumped out of the balcony and ran home to my little brother who lived a block away.

The police came back

When Joakim Lundell understood that the police were not looking for him, he returned to the apartment. Two hours later, it knocked on the door again, and when he was opened he was met by two serious police officers.

But this time it was not about escaping, but the call he had previously found in the mailbox. He found out that he would be interrogated and called for the double murder in Linköping.

In the meantime, there were many thoughts that twisted in his skull, even though he always knew he was innocent. When the announcement that his DNA did not match, he was relieved.

Do you know who was the police?

– No, and it still goes today. Just over a month, Jonna (Lundell Red's note) received a headstone with his name on it. It happens all the time. It was right after the time of "Kings of Tylösand", which I noticed from the back of being public.

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