Tuesday , May 11 2021

Katarina Frostenson has arrived at the court of appeal to testify

At nine o'clock in the morning, Katarina Frostenson arrived at Svea Court Court in Stockholm. She went side by side with her husband's defense attorney Björn Hurtig, but did not want to comment on the media in place.

Frostenson's testimony began on the final day of trial. Behind closed doors, the interrogation continued for about fifteen minutes. She then went out of the building and left the place in a taxi.

Proceed opposite the opposite prosecutor Christina Voigt and the plaintiff attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz said that Frostenson's testimony should be approved. They felt that the so-called character witnesses "do not belong in Swedish trials".

But on Friday, the court of law approved that Frostenson was called a witness. The purpose was that she would be heard about the husband's personality to prove that what the prosecutor charged Jean-Claude Arnault is strange to his character. "

During Wednesday, the plaintiff in the court of law also attends to respond to follow-up questions about the events seven years ago. The defense has also called a second witness, which participates in a video link.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz arrives at Svea Court Court on Wednesday.
Elisabeth Massi Fritz arrives at Svea Court Court on Wednesday. Photo: Beatrice Lundborg

Jean-Claude Arnault has been detained since the end of September. He was convicted in the district court for two years in jail for rape. The assault must have taken place in an overnight apartment in Stockholm in early October 2011.

Arnault has always denied the charges and the appeal was appealed. In addition to the new witnesses, the defense has invoked evidence in the form of, for example, extracts from a fictional book and information on subway traffic.

The verdict has also been appealed by the prosecutor and the plaintiff. They consider the man to be sentenced for further rape, and that the punishment should be tightened.

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Jean-Claude Arnault is accused of two rape against a woman in Stockholm in 2011.

He was sentenced in the district court on the first clue, by force forcing the woman to perform oral sex.

He was released for some under the same plea, where he was accused of a vaginal rape.

He was also released on item two, where he was accused of raping the woman at a later time when she was sleeping.

The prosecutor applied for three years in prison. The district court sentenced Arnault to two years in prison.

He will remain in the prison until the verdict wins power.

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