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Katherine MacGregor from the little house on the prairie is dead

The colleague pours Katherine MacGregor

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Katherine MacGregor (to the right) as Hariette Oleson.


Katherine MacGregor, known from "Little House on the Prairie" is dead, reports The Hollywood reporter.

She became 93 years old.

"She was so loving and caring," writes Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura, at Instagram.

Katherine MacGregor fell asleep in Tuesday in Woodland Hills on the retirement home she lived. It confirms the actor's representative, writes The Hollywood reporter.

For most, MacGregor is famous for its role as the rich and evil Harriet Oleson in the cult series "Little House on the Prairie".

It was also the character many viewers loved to hate.

Colleague: "That people did not know …"

But privately, Katherine MacGregor was quite different, telling Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls.

"Harriet Oleson was the woman our fans loved to hate. A perfect antagonist. But what people outside our family did not know was how loving and caring she was against the younger ensemble, "writes Melissa Gilbert at Instagram.

"I really loved her and I find comfort in knowing that she found peace."

Katherine MacGregor participated in all nine seasons like "Little House on the Prairie" broadcast, 1974 to 1983.

She became 93 years old.

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