Thursday , April 22 2021

Liseberg's great deal – at a cost of 15 million

That was the newspaper GT which was the first to draw attention to Liseberg's record investment of SEK 15 million, as stated in a press release.

Liseberg opens the gates for the Christmas celebrations in the theme park during Friday, where more than five million Christmas lights, five kilometers of Christmas tree giraffes and 1,300 grains will be in place in the park.

But never before, Liseberg has invested 15 million kronor on his annual Christmas, which this year includes the new video projections and a new iceball game.

"This is the biggest bet so far. This year's great news is the ice show of the year from the classic ballet Svansjön with even more ballet collisions with some of Sweden's foremost figure skiers, "says Ebba Källeskog, head of Liseberg.

Video projections are also new to this year, which means that technology can build up the environment. But in spite of the amount of lighting, 80 percent of all the lights have been compared with previous years.

How do you look at this in relation to climate and environmental issues?

"We are working very hard with sustainability issues. It is an important issue for us. We are running Liseberg for future generations as well and it is part of our goals that we must manage, she says.


In total, the cost is SEK 15 million, which, on the other hand, is not the highest cost of the bill.

The Valkyria attraction, which this summer was completed after several delays, cost 300 million kronor.

"In recent years, we have invested in Valkyria and we invest in the business so people will continue to come to Liseberg.

And during Friday it is time for Liseberg to reopen the gates once again.

"We have only had 12 days to prepare in the park for Christmas at Liseberg. We are very tall working hard to transform the park from Halloween to Christmas. The feeling inside now is that, "yes, at last" and that it's party atmosphere.

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